How to Completely Get Rid of Trojan DOS/Alureon.AB Virus

What is Trojan DOS/Alureon.AB Virus

Trojan DOS/Alureon.AB is identified as a destructive Trojan horse virus that has the ability to destroy your entire PC system. Until now, it has attacked thousands of computers around the world. Therefore, if you are not careful enough, you might unfortunately become one of its victims. Generally speaking, Trojan DOS/Alureon.AB can sneak into your system without your awareness, because it is good at analyzing and taking advantage of system loopholes. After installation, Trojan DOS/Alureon.AB will begin its malicious activities instantly. To begin with, Trojan DOS/Alureon.AB injects its codes to the registry entires, as well as hides deeply among system files, so as to conceal itself and avoid security detection. As a result, this pest not only corrupts the Windows registry, but also affects the running of many legit applications. Secondly, although you have already deployed a powerful antivirus program in your system, it is still difficult for you to completely detect and delete Trojan DOS/Alureon.AB, because it adopts the rootkit technique and keeps changing its folder name and path. Furthermore, due to Trojan DOS/Alureon.AB, all your privacy is not safe any more, for this infection has the ability to monitor your surfing processes and steal your financial data. What’s more, as a typical Trojan horse virus, Trojan DOS/Alureon.AB is able to exploit system vulnerabilities, by which other malware like Police Central e-crime Unit virus and FBI MoneyPak virus can enter the infected machine easily. In a word, the best way to solve all these severe problems is to get rid of Trojan DOS/Alureon.AB as soon as you can.
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