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Many of our users report that something goes wrong when they are using search engine to find things. The problem is the strange and forcible visit to some website such as If you also got such a problem, you should read our post carefully to fix the problem. The forcible redirection to is caused by a cunning rootkit virus known as ZeroAccess Rootkit. If this rootkit is residing in your PC, no matter when you search something on most of search engines, you will end up on that is not listed in the search results when you typy in the keyword phrase and hit Search button. In fact, itself is not dangerous except for its massive advertisements. When together with this rootkit, it’s very annoying. As a rootkit, it’s very good at hiding itself so that security software can not easily find it. So we worked out a removal tutorial to guide you. Screen Shot

Manually Remove Malware

Delete Registry entries:

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\random

Delete files:


Download Malware Remover

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