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What’s Privacy Protection?

Privacy Protection is a malware which disguises itself as a legal software. Through providing fictitious information, this junkware will deceive you that your system is in danger and persuade you to use its licensed version for the fix. Its tactics are similar to its forerunners System Security 2012 and System Security 2011. Privacy Protection firstly creates some severe warnings that your PC is under some attack from dangerous threats. It will continuously disturb you and the Trojans of this junkware will run Privacy Protection whenever the system loads. It is impossible for your security tools to discover Privacy Protection, for the Trojans can help it stay undetected in your system. You will be rerouted to other unknown websites if you want to download some new security applications. What’s worse, there will be nothing in some folders. You will fail to run your own antivirus and antispyware, because they are blocked by Privacy Protection. On the other hand, Privacy Protection will run its bogus scanner and then return you with plenty of high-risk threats. Don’t be scared by this invented report. Once you discover Privacy Protection on your PC, please delete it by all means at once.

Remember that you cannot delete your files in Temporary folder. After installation, Privacy Protection will delete some desktop shortcuts and hide their backups in the Temporary folder. Then, you will find your shortcuts disappear and begin to doubt your system is at risk. Hence you should not remove any files of your Temporary folder in order to save the backups for the system recovery. Hope you find the Privacy Protection removal instruction provided below helpful for you.

Privacy Protection Screen Shot

Manually Remove Privacy Protection Malware

Delete Privacy Protection Registry entries:


Delete Privacy Protection files:


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