Help Home Malware Cleaner Virus Removal

What’s Home Malware Cleaner?

Home Malware Cleaner is a new member of the nasty rogue family as Strong Malware Defender and Smart Anti-Malware Protection Virus. Home Malware Cleaner just looks like a legal security program but can do nothing when facing computer threats. Furthermore, Trojan infections offer great help for Home Malware Cleaner to destroy the host machine. As for Home Malware Cleaner, we can say that its virus scan reports are totally unreliable. What’s more, Home Malware Cleaner will still represent you with numerous inexistent hazards. If you believe it, it will direct you to visit its unsecure web page to make you purchase its useless licensed version. However as you can see, you cannot get anything you want after following its advice. Instead, you will lose your money. This infection is also competent in damaging victim’s important computer settings and blocking the host network. Once Home Malware Cleaner is inside, you are not able to normally use your web browsers and you will be frequently redirected to its affiliated web sites that promotes Home Malware Cleaner. In addition, this pest is also good at installing diverse vicious components onto the contaminated machine without any permission, which makes it become a hazardous and notorious program.

This is the reason that we highly suggest you to remove Home Malware Cleaner and its relevant items once you find it.

Home Malware Cleaner Screen Shot

Manually Remove Home Malware Cleaner Malware

Delete Home Malware Cleaner Registry entries:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings

Delete Home Malware Cleaner files:

%Programs%\System Check\Uninstall System Check.lnk
%DesktopDir%\System Check.lnk

Download Home Malware Cleaner Malware Remover

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