Help FBI Moneypak Virus Removal

What’s FBI Moneypak?

FBI Moneypak virus is a notorious ransomware which makes use of the title of FBI and deceives computer users. In fact, FBI Moneypak virus has nothing to do with FBI. The inventors of FBI Moneypak are really fond of ripping off users by making use of the name of legal organizations and have distributed many similar ransomwares, such as Police Central e-crime Unit and West Yorkshire Police virus. FBI Moneypak usually hides in the P2P networks, social networks or infected websites. Once it sneaks into the targeted computer, FBI Moneypak immediately displays a fabricated alert with FBI logo and locks the computer. Its alert states that your computer is found to be involved in some illegal online activities, such as browsing porn-related websites and videos and distributing copyrighted contents. Since you have offended the law, your computer is locked and you will be fined. This alert also tells you how to unlock your computer by paying the fine via Moneypak. Many people think that alert is from FBI and go to pay the fine though they are innocent. However, FBI Moneypak virus will not unlock their PCs within 48 hours. Don’t waste your money on such a ransomware.

To end up this trick, please go through the following steps and carefully and completely remove FBI Moneypak.

FBI Moneypak Screen Shot

Manually Remove FBI Moneypak Malware

Delete FBI Moneypak Registry entries:


Delete FBI Moneypak files:


1. Restart the computer and enter in Safe mode with Networking

2. Login the user account that is infected by FBI Moneypak Virus.

3. Click Start Menu and find run

4. Type in msconfig and hit OK

5. Try to disable those suspicious processes at Startup tab and save changes.

6. Open Registry Editor by clicking Start Menu and find run

7. Type in regedit and hit OK

8. Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\ entry

9. Find Shell at the right panel and right click on it to modify.

10. Change the value into Explorer.exe and save the changes.

11. Then restart the computer.

Download FBI Moneypak Virus Remover

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